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Mitra and ExxonMobil to jointly explore the deepwater potential in SC56, Sandakan Basin, Philippines

December 4th, 2006|Philippines|

Manila, Philippines, December 4th - Mitra Energy Limited (MEL) and Esso Exploration International Limited, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, have entered into an agreement to explore for hydrocarbons in SC56, which is located in the deepwater portion of the Sandakan Basin, southwest of the Philippine Islands.  Under the agreement, an ExxonMobil affiliate will farm into [...]

Mitra Commenced Philippines SC56 Seismic Programme in November, 2006

November 15th, 2006|Philippines|

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—November 15, 2006. Mitra Energy Limited, Mitra, holding a 100% share in Block SC56, Sulu Sea Philippines, announced it had commenced a 2D seismic data acquisition programme in the block using the M/V Veritas Voyager. The Voyager, a newly built, single-source seismic vessel equipped with an advanced, integrated geophysical and navigation acquisition system started [...]

Seismic Acquisition in the Philippines

August 28th, 2006|Indonesia|

Mitra has interests in three Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) in Indonesia: The Bone PSC is a 7,516 km² block located in Bone Bay, offshore Sulawesi and extends from the shoreline to water depths in excess of 2000m. It is an undrilled block that contains an extension of the adjacent onshore gas producing Sengkang province, where a [...]