Yearly Archives: 2008


3D seismic survey over Blocks 28 & 29/03 in offshore Vietnam

September 21st, 2008|Vietnam|

Mitra Energy Limited (Mitra) commenced a 3D seismic survey over Blocks 28 & 29/03, offshore Vietnam. The survey will acquire a total of 1500km² of 3D seismic data using PGS’s M/V Nordic Explorer and the first phase is expected to be completed in early November 2008. The 3D survey was initiated four months after completion of [...]

Mitra Energy commences seismic acquisition over the Sibaru PSC

June 17th, 2008|Indonesia|

Mitra Energy Limited (Mitra) commenced seismic acquisition over the Sibaru PSC, in the East Java Sea, utilising the CGG Veritas Services vessel, Pacific Sword. The Sword will undertake the 1,272 full-fold line kilometre survey using a 6,000 metre streamer and 3000 cubic inch airgun source to acquire high-fold data over the block, and should be completed [...]

Commencement of 2D seismic data acquisition program in Vietnam

April 22nd, 2008|Vietnam|

Mitra Energy Limited (Mitra) announced plans to commence a 2D seismic data acquisition program utilising the CGG Veritas Services Pacific Sword over Blocks 28 & 29/03 in southern Vietnam. The Sword, a multi-source, multi-streamer seismic vessel equipped with an advanced, integrated geophysical and navigation acquisition system will commence the 3052 full-fold line kilometres survey in the [...]

Concession Agreement signed with the Kingdom of Thailand

January 21st, 2008|Thailand|

Mitra Energy Limited (MEL) is delighted to announce that on 21st January 2008, it signed a Concession Agreement with the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand for Blocks L45/50 and L46/50. These two onshore blocks, each covering an area of 3,983 square kilometres lie in the southern part of the Chao Phraya basin. MEL [...]

Biliton Block, Indonesia

January 14th, 2008|Indonesia|

Mitra Energy Limited holds a 5% interest in the Biliton Block, Indonesia, where the second of two exploration wells has just been completed. The operator of the Block, Serica Energy plc, today announced that the GSF 136 drilling rig, on location in the Biliton Block in the Java Sea, Indonesia, is preparing to complete operations on [...]