Jadestone Energy currently has interests in six and is the operator of five Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) in Vietnam:

  • Blocks 05-1b & 1c PSC (Jadestone Energy 30%*) covers an area of 925km² in the Nam Con Son basin. The PSC holds two fully appraised gas and condensate discoveries, Dai Nguyet and Sao Vang, in close proximity to the Nam Con Son gas transportation pipeline and existing production facilities.
  • Block 51 PSC (Jadestone Energy 70% operator) covers an area of approximately 2,900km² on the northeast margin of the Malay Basin in water depths ranging from 20m to 60m. It is situated very close to, and on trend with, the prolific MTJDA gas province. Block 51 PSC contains the Tho Chu and U Minh gas fields.
  • Block 46/07 PSC (Jadestone Energy 70% operator) covers an area of 2,622 km² and is located adjacent to Block 51 in similar water depths. Block 46/07 PSC contains the Nam Du gas field. The block is also very close to oil and gas discoveries and production in neighbouring blocks 46/13 and 46-CN.
  • Block 45 PSC (Jadestone Energy 70% operator) covers 4,677 km² and is situated adjacent to both Block 51 and Block 46/07. Similar to both these blocks, Block 45 also lies in the offshore Malay-Tho Chu Basin in water depths of around 50m.
  • Block 127 PSC (Jadestone Energy 100%) covers an area of over 9,000 km² and is located at the southern end of the Phu Khanh Basin, off the southeast coast of Vietnam. Water depths in the block extend from less than 20m in the west to over 2,000m in the east.

* Completion of the proposed acquisition by Jadestone Energy is conditional on obtaining all required approvals, including the approvals of the Government of Vietnam, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (“PVN”) and partners.