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Jadestone has a 100% operated working interest in the Block 51 PSC, which contains the U Minh and Tho Chu discoveries.

Jadestone Energy has a 100% operated working interest in the Block 51 PSC. The U Minh and Tho Chu discoveries are located within the boundaries of Block 51 in the Malay-Tho Chu Basin, approximately 200 kilometres offshore Vietnam in a water depth of 64 metres.

The U Minh H100 reservoir is a moderately sinuous channel-point bar system of Miocene age, trending downdip from northeast to southwest where it is folded over the U Minh four-way dip closure structure.  The channel-point bar complex is at least 12 kilometres long and 1.3 kilometres wide. There are also several other reservoir horizons to be tested in the future, with potential over-lapping channel systems.

The Tho Chu reservoirs were deposited in the Lower to Middle Miocene ages.  The depositional environment ranges from fluvial to marginal marine.  Reservoir sands are typically 1-5 metres and are separated by flooding surfaces that are thought to act as seals.  An abundance of coals deposited throughout the Lower to Middle Miocene interval allow for a robust stratigraphic correlation.

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