“Sustainability is a C-suite matter at Jadestone that starts with effective governance.”

Neil Prendergast

General Counsel

2020 Highlights


Incidents of non-compliance in business ethics


Corporate governance code adoption


Metrics incorporated into executive KPI’s


Critical risk incidents


Alignment across risk and governance

2021 Outlook

  • Target Zero violations of anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws
  • Support timely regulatory approvals for new operations and growth projects
  • Continue strengthening governance over climate risk as per TCFD recommendations
  • Target Zero loss of primary containment
  • Undertake comprehensive emergency training

Governance, Business Ethics and Compliance

Operating in accordance with high standards of governance, transparency and business ethics is essential to creating long-term sustainable value and a key priority for Jadestone. Effective governance at Jadestone means that Board members, the management team and shareholders clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. It also ensures that the right policies and procedures are in place which promote individual and group accountability, ethical and responsible decision making and effective risk management.

Jadestone’s ESG Governance

The Board

Ensures ESG risks and opportunities have been identified and incorporated into the Corporate Risk Framework, with risk considerations integrated into the Company’s long-term strategy

HSEC Committee

Oversees operational risks pertaining to health, safety, environment and sustainability, including those related to climate change.  The Committee’s remit was expanded in 2020 to formalise its oversight over ESG topics.

Remuneration Committee

Develops and proposes changes to the Remuneration Policy which are in line with Jadestone’s strategic performance targets.  As of 2020, ESG Strategic Corporate Goals were aligned with executive incentive schemes, cascading from CEO through to the leadership team and deeper into the organisation.

Disclosure Committee

Oversees the appropriateness of disclosures included in the Company’s financial and non-financial reporting, which include sustainability and climate-related disclosures.

Further information

Jadestone is committed to deliver the highest standards of corporate governance. The Board believes that an effective corporate governance framework adds value to its business and enhances stakeholder confidence in the Company. The Company complies with the Quoted Companies Alliances Corporate Governance Code 2018 (the “QCA Code”). The Board recognises that the QCA Code provides the Company with the appropriate framework to sustain a strong level of governance, given its size and quotation on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Download QCA Website Disclosures

Read about the Board’s Responsibilities

Asset Integrity and Process Safety

Process Safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes that handle hazardous substances. Jadestone deploys robust processes and systems that ensure process safety and integrity of its operating assets.

Critical Incident Risk Management

Effective Risk Management and Incident Response in the unlikely event of a major incident are a key priority for Jadestone. As an operator of two offshore oil and gas facilities in Australia, Jadestone is committed to managing major incident risk and developing robust response capabilities in line with regulatory requirements and industry best practice.


For more information, download our key policies and reports.

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