Protecting our environment

Jadestone recognises that its development and production activities, including operations at all its facilities, offshore installations, offices and warehouses, have the potential to impact the environment.
As a result, environmental management is central to everything within the business. As an operator of oil and gas assets, Jadestone is well aware of its environmental and safety commitments and stewardship responsibilities. This focuses on prevention of spills and discharges, but equally to having effective and reliable emergency response and preparedness systems, including hydrocarbon spill response capability, should it be required.

Climate Change, Energy, and Emissions

Jadestone understands that climate change may affect its stakeholders, its operations and the broader economy, environment and communities in which it operates. As society responds and transitions to a low-carbon economy, the leadership team maintains that Jadestone’s contribution towards a more sustainable future is to ensure the most efficient use of existing facilities, while also meeting the ongoing need for energy.

Emissions and Discharges

Every environment has a unique combination of habitats, plant and animal species. A key challenge for Jadestone, in managing the potential impact on the marine environment from its offshore facilities, concerns the treatment and discharge of operational waste streams, for example, produced water. Jadestone recognises the importance of appropriate utilisation or disposal of discharges.



For more information, visit our key policies page and download our 2019 Sustainability report.

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